Story behind 'Andaaz' Logo Design

The unique logo designed to represent a dance festival got selected!

Kiran Java

7/13/2022 1 min read

At the request of my Guru Dr. Nandkishore Kapote, I designed a special logo that best represented his upcoming National Kathak dance Festival. So delighted to receive a call from Guruji telling me that the logo has been selected! Soon West Zone Cultural Centre, Udaipur, Ministry of Culture, Government of India will incorporate my logo design in the festival promotional material. This festival is prestigious and renowned as the top Kathak artists of all four 'gharanas' of Kathak (Lucknow, Benares/Benaras, Raigarh and Jaipur) will be represented for the first time on one festival dance platform in Maharastra. The festival is curated by Nandkishore Cultural Society. Looking forward to this!

The Story

Here is the logo design for 'Andaaz' Kathak Classical Dance Festival. It is a quirky design utilizing the Devanagri script (अं) along with Roman letters spelling out अंdaaz. It has 4 circular elements representing the 4 Kathak gharanas. The round/circular shape depicts the spins or 'chakkars' characteristic of the Kathak classical dance form. The gold accentuates the purity of a classical dance performance.

The dot on top of the letter z symbolizes the i'jām / dot or nuqaṭ on top of the ز letter 'z' in Urdu/Arabic. The light splaying forth from the dot represents the arc light of a glamourous stage show and since the lines of light shining forth are four, it represents the 4 gharanas!

Logo designed by Kiran Java
Andaaz Kathak Classical Dance Festival

I also designed a poster incorporating the logo